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    Adhesive Hangers & Clips

    Adhesive hangers are an easy way to hang posters, picture frames, photographs and mirrors depending on the type of hanger you choose and the weight of the item you want to mount. They can be used in the office, workshop or any room in the home.


    Pressure sensitive adhesive strips give the benefit of excellent holding power and adhere to a wide variety of surfaces.

    Stretch release technology hangers have the added advantage of being removed cleanly from most surfaces without damage.

    Foam backed hangers adhere to both smooth and semi-rough surfaces.

    Hooks, hangers and clips are generally made from plastic and are an ideal solution to all your hanging needs. They are quick and easy to use with no requirement for tools.

    More Uses:

    Hooks can be used on the wall to hold a dowel and kitchen roll.

    Attach two hooks on the inside of your kitchen cabinet to hang a saucepan lid.

    They can be used on furniture to hide unsightly cables or for hanging curtain rods with no need for drilling.

    Whatever your requirement, there are adhesive hangers for all your needs.

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