Hand Held Wireless Microphones

Handheld wireless microphones are like a standard wired microphone, but a wireless alternative.
How do they work?
Much like any wireless device, you can expect the same functions with this wireless alternative. By producing its own signal back to a receiver box or station, it will transmit your audio and output it to a connected speaker as intended.
Features and benefits:
● Move without restriction
● Reduction in trip hazards from cabling and wires
● Great sound quality, similar to wired alternatives
● Less concern for damage to wires and cabling
● Light weight receivers
● Some systems allow more than one microphone to be used at once
● Own wireless frequencies to avoid noise dead spots
● Good battery life up to 14hrs+ on some devices
● Light weight microphones
● Receivers with LED screens and user input available
● Festivals or performances
● PA system in places of work / business
● For your home studio or own projects

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RS-stocknr. 809-1170
305,28 €
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- 100g 107mm 24.9mm 24.9 x 70.2 x 107mm Dynamic 1
RS-stocknr. 809-1174
330,82 €
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Stand Clamp 280g - 254.8mm 50 Dia.mm Dynamic 1