Document Holders

What are Copy holders?
Copy holders come in various forms but all serve the same general function in that they are designed to carry your documents or papers in one central folder, wallet or file.
How do they work?
Generally they hold your document in the same way even if they differ, usually in plastic slip in wallets that are clear and see through.
Features and benefits:
• Lightweight and durable
• Economical space saving
• Stylish and organised
• Colour coordination available in some models
• Some feature stands for easy to display access
• Typically holds A4 paper
• Designed with the intention of preventing neck and shoulder strain
Where might I use one?
• At your desk at work
• In your home or study room
• Business applications, i.e. board rooms, meeting areas

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Omschrijving Prijs Colour Material Depth Height Width Type
RS-stocknr. 392-794
26,48 €
Aantal stuks
Grey - 203mm 324mm 232mm Desktop
RS-stocknr. 204-2110
32,37 €
Aantal stuks
- Plastic 152.4mm 381mm - Desktop