Lighting Plugs

A lighting plug is a connector, attached to an electrical device's main cable, which is slotted into an electrical socket to provide power to a device. They are used for single-phase domestic usage, as well as commercial and light industrial purposes.

How does a lighting plug work?

The plug generally consists of extended pins that slot into matching sockets, known as apertures, to create an electrical connection. The sockets provide three electrical connections to the supply conductors, known as neutral, live and earth. The neutral and live carry the current, while the earth connection protects you from electrical shocks in case any parts of the device become live.  

Types of lighting plugs   

The most common type of lighting plug in the UK is BS 1363. These consist of 13A plugs, socket-outlet adaptors and connection units. The defining characteristics of BS 1363 lighting plugs include rectangular pins, a fuse within the plug, and shutters on the live and neutral socket holes. BS 546 lighting plugs have round pins and come in different sizes depending on the current they carry. They are less common nowadays, but are still used in theatrical and architectural installations.

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