Circular Fluorescent Tubes

Circular fluorescent tubes are a popular choice for lighting designers, particularly in architectural and ceiling fittings. They are an energy saving, slim and compact light source that was designed for shallow and slender recessed, ceiling and wall-mounted light fixtures. They offer the same benefits as linear fluorescent tubes, but in a circular format, which offers certain aesthetic advantages. Being a fluorescent light source these lamps are energy efficient and cost effective when compared to a conventional lighting solution. Sizes The uniquely shaped circular fluorescent tube come in T5 (15 mm Diameter), T6 (20 mm diameter) and T9 (29 mm diameter) sizes. They all have a 4-pin fitting and all emitting a white colour. Lifetime With an average life of around 10000 hours, it is a long time before then need replacing, up to a decade, meaning less effort and hassle for you.

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Omschrijving Prijs Wattage Diameter Colour Rendering Luminosity Life Hours EU Energy Efficiency Rating Series Voltage Rating Colour Temperature Colour Tone
RS-stocknr. 102-535
15,42 €
Aantal stuks
22 W 216mm 82 1350 lm 9000h B LUMILUX 60 V 4000K Cool White
RS-stocknr. 797-2577
26,47 €
Aantal stuks
40 W - 89 85 lm 8000h A+ LUMILUX - 4000K Cool White