Spigot Plates

Spigot plates allow a spigot (small peg or plug) to connect to a normal flat surface whether it is horizontal, vertical or angled. Spigot plates can be secured by screw, rivet or nut and bolt onto any flat surface. They have a flat square backing with a round spigot for connecting to flexible ducting or rigid spiral ducting (tubing or piping forming a system of ducts).

What are spigot plates used for?

Spigot Plates create intake and extraction points on flat surfaces and are designed to convert the square format of a grille (a screen of metal bars) to a round profile for connection to flexible ducting, for example in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Types of spigot plates

Circular spigot plates

Circular spigot plates tend to be male fitting, allowing them to be easily spot-welded to circular aluminium plates.

Fabricated spigot plates

Fabricated spigot plates are usually made from zinc-plated mild steel for connection to rigid ducting.

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RS-stocknr. 432-889
FabrikantRS PRO
22,25 €
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150mm 200 x 200mm 200mm 200mm Galvanised Steel
RS-stocknr. 432-895
FabrikantRS PRO
15,66 €
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200mm 300 x 300mm 300mm 300mm Galvanised Steel
RS-stocknr. 432-873
FabrikantRS PRO
21,61 €
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100mm 125 x 125mm 125mm 125mm Galvanised Steel
RS-stocknr. 185-4729
FabrikantRS PRO
27,57 €
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305mm 450 x 450mm 450mm 450mm Galvanised Steel
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