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    Air Conditioning Units

    Air conditioning units enable the control of room temperature. They are for use in areas that require cooling or to remove moisture from the air. Air conditioner units work by extracting heat from the air and replacing it with cold, dry air. A built-in fan then expels the cooled air to circulate around the room. Some air conditioner units come with additional features such as a dehumidifier and heating option, and can be used all year round. You can find more information in our air conditioning units guide.

    Types of Air Conditioning Units

    Portable Air Conditioners

    A portable air conditioner is an air conditioning unit that can be moved about, it is a self-contained device that can be easily set up anywhere. Portable air conditioners usually have wheels so can easily be moved. They are ideal for small areas and have a low upfront cost.

    Single Units

    Single Units are portable and require venting. They are ideal for use in the home or office as they are easily transported to cool different rooms. They are often cheaper and easy to install, however portable units aren't always as powerful as more permanent air conditioner units.

    Split Units

    Split Units are permanently fixed to a wall. They are ideal for environments that get very hot as they cool the air temperature, they are more powerful than single units. However, they are generally more expensive air conditioner units and require mounting to the wall.

    Where are Air Conditioning Units used?

    Domestic Air Conditioning - Air conditioner units are commonly used in the home or office to make the environment more comfortable for animals and people. They are ideal for cooling down your home when temperatures are high whilst preventing condensation build-up.

    Commercial Air conditioning - Businesses that contain critical components may require an air conditioning unit. They remove moisture and heat from the air around these components to reduce downtime and loss of components.

    Air Conditioning Units can help support a healthy building by improving:

    • Air Quality
    • Thermal Health
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