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    Deburring Tools

    For metalwork and machining operations, our range of deburring tools allows precise and high-quality finishing. Featuring ergonomic designs, the deburring tools allow you to follow shapes and contours with confidence and ease, smoothing burred edges quickly and efficiently. Whether you're dealing with wood, plastic or metal, the RS range of deburring tools feature a variety of shapes and blade types to suit your purposes and are a must-have in any machine workshop.

    Deburring tool kits are made up of product accessories used for deburring (de-edging) activities like grinding, mass-finishing, spindle finishing, sanding, and abrasive blasting. These tool kits contain components like blades, burrs, handles, countersinks and scrapers.

    What are deburring toolkits used for?

    Deburring toolkits are used in the deburring of materials like steel, plastic, wood, aluminium, stone and ceramics. They can be used in conjunction with almost any type of material or equipment that has a hardened surface or a robust texture.

    What are Deburring Handles?

    Deburring handles are casings that hold blades and scrappers during deburring (de-edging) activities. These handles can be made of steel, metal, rubber or plastic. Deburring handles have ergonomic soft grips to protect the hands of the user from chafing.

    Deburring handles are used during grinding, mass-finishing, spindle finishing, sanding, and abrasive blasting activities. Deburring handles are available in various sizes and blade handling capabilities. These handles are categorised according to blade size compatibility.

    Deburring Blades

    Deburring blades are an element of handheld deburring tools designed for removing materials such as steel, aluminium, stone, ceramics, hardwood and plastics. Hand deburring tools are better for small, precise deburring jobs.

    How do they work?

    Place the deburring tool against the edge. Hold the tool so that it is right up against the edge you wish to deburr. No need to press hard to deburr the item, just ensure that the tool makes contact with the edge of the object.

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