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    Pincers, also known as nippers, are a type of hand tool designed to provide a push, pull, cut, or twist to a variety of materials, depending on the pincer type. Pincers with a flatter, more rounded head such as carpenters pincers are ideal for pulling nails out of objects, whereas end cutters are more suited to cutting through materials due to their sharper, flatter heads. Like other hand tools, they are available in a range of sizes and finishes, with features such as soft-grip handles for comfort and grip.

    What types of pincers are there?

    There are a wide range of pincer types available, all best suited to specific tasks and materials. The most common types of pincers are:Carpenter - an ideal nail puller, allowing you to remove nails from objects without damaging the surrounding material or cutting the nail.Concreter - perfect for twisting and cutting binding wire in one single operation, due to the hardened cutting edges.End cutter - this type features much sharper edges with a flatter head, allowing you to cut a range of materials with ease right down to the surface.High leverage - these tend to feature longer handles with a firmer grip and a rounder edged head, making them ideal for pulling nails out of tougher materials.

    Typical pincer applications

    Pincers and nippers are used in a variety of applications, from home DIY jobs to professional industrial installations. They are commonly used in:ConstructionRestorationAutomotiveDIY

    What materials are they suitable with?

    Depending on the material and head type, pincers can be used to cut through a range of soft wire to hard wire including copper and steel.

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