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    Engineers Squares

    An engineers square, also known as a Machinist square, is a handheld marking and checking tool used to assess angles and mark straight lines. Made up of two straight pieces (stock & blade) which work together to create a right angle at exactly 90°. The two pieces of the engineer square intercept at the end creating a precision L shaped tool, these two pieces can vary in length for both small and large working environments. The purpose of an engineering square is to check that the angles are correct with whatever project or piece of work you are working on and to mark lines with the angles to make sure everything is correct and in line. You can learn more in our complete guide to engineers squares.

    What are Engineers Squares made of?

    Made from a variety of materials, engineers squares are most commonly made of metal, more specifically hardened or tool steel. An engineers square is made totally of metal, both the stock and blade are made of steel to ensure that the tool remains accurate over time as well as having added durability in a working environment.

    Where can I use an Engineering square?

    Squares are often used for metalworking tasks as well as DIY and woodworking such as- Sheet metal fabrication Blacksmithing Carpentry Roofing General DIY and crafting work.

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