Fused Spurs

A fused spur also known as a fused connection unit (FCU) is an electrical switch containing a fuse often used instead of a conventional electric plug socket.
There are two different types of fused spurs, a switched that includes a manual switch for turning on or off, and a non-switched which does not have a manual switch.
What are fused spurs used for?
For maintenance and health and safety when installing appliances such as washing machines and dish washers or high powered electrical equipment on a separate cable from a ring main, you can use a fused spur.
Can you connect a fused spur to an existing socket?
You can connect a fused spur to an existing socket providing the socket does not already have a spur. The number of spurs used must not exceed the number of sockets.
All electrical equipment should be installed by a qualified electrician.

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1 - 13A 40ms 30mA 20mm Flush Mount Passive BS 5733, BS 7288 - 2 84mm 60mm 84mm
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1 - 13A - 30mA 25mm Surface Mount Passive BS 1362 - 2 86mm 27.2mm 86mm