Anti-Slip Pads

An Anti-slip pad is a pad or mat designed specifically to stop slips or skidding in any given area they are deployed

How do they work?

Anti-slip pads are typically made of materials such as polymer type of rubber. These rubbers have a natural affinity to being skid resistant and having great frictional properties in their base design. Trips, slips and falls are the most common type of accident in a workplace therefore helping prevent this can dramatically increase employee wellbeing.

Features and benefits:
•Varying lengths available to cover a wide series of surfaces and distances

•Natural anti-slip properties to prevent accidents

•Naturally absorbent of noise and vibrations

•Eco friendly


•Indoor/Outdoor use

Where would I use one?
•Around your home or garden areas

•Workplace to reduce number of trip and slip accidents

•Industrial sectors

•Warehouses and distribution centres

•Public events and walkways

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Omschrijving Prijs Shape Thickness Dimensions Diameter Material Length Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Width Series Fixing Method
RS-stocknr. 447-8659
FabrikantPoint M
7,50 €
Aantal stuks
Rectangular - 34 x 24mm - PTFE 34mm - - 24mm 908 Adhesive
RS-stocknr. 447-8615
FabrikantPoint M
18,80 €
Aantal stuks
Round - - 70mm PTFE - - - - 908 Adhesive