ESD-Safe & Clean Room Office Supplies & Stationery

ESD safe office supplies are workplace accessories that are designed to prevent ESD (electrostatic discharge) – the flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects. ESD can cause safety issues and can cause damage to ESD sensitive objects such as PCBs (printed circuit boards).

ESD safe office supply applications

ESD safe office supplies are used in offices, clean rooms (environments free from dust and other contaminants, used mainly for the manufacture of electronic components) and other workplaces where protection from ESD is needed.

Types of ESD safe office supplies

Choose from a range of ESD safe office and clean room supplies, including:

  • ESD bin bags – made from anti-static material for safely disposing of ESD waste.
  • Clean room lined notebooks – designed specifically for use within a clean room environment. The anti-static cover prevents a build-up of static charge.
  • Waste bins – made from conductive polypropylene. They're anti-static for use in ESD-protected environments.
  • Document sleeves – made from durable anti-static polypropylene plastic. Designed to prevent static while protecting documents.
  • Clean room paper – specially produced paper which is chemical resistant and benefits from low static build up.

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