ESD Continuous Monitors

ESD continuous monitors, or constant monitors, continuously check for electrostatic discharge (ESD) on work surfaces. This is important for preventing damage to sensitive electronic equipment or to monitor discharge in areas where there is a danger of igniting flammable liquids or gases. Other grounding components such as wrist straps, ESD safe matsand ESD grounding cordscan be attached to the monitors, connecting work surfaces and operators.

LEDs (light emitting diodes) indicate different colours to alert users if there is a discharge, sometimes accompanied by an audible alarm.

What are ESD continuous monitors used for?

ESD continuous monitors save set-up time, ensuring integrity of the entire ground loop, meaning wrist straps and other ESD accessories don’t need to be checked individually at the start of a shift.

Types of ESD continuous monitors

Some monitors not only detect static electricity, but also actively eliminate it by balancing ions. This type of continuous monitor is called an ’ioniser’, ’ionising bar’ or ’static bar’.

Monitors can be connected to one or two wrist straps and one or two work surfaces, plus grounding. Terminal types and supply voltages vary. Some products include EOS (electrical overstress) detection and/or charge detection.

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RS-stocknr. 685-8760
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- 220V ac - - - - - - - - - Yes
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Phone 220V ac - 2 - 2 - Yes Yes No No Yes
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Snap, 10 mm Jack, 10 mm Snap 24 V dc, 100 → 240V ac 23mm 1 70mm 1 53mm - - - Yes -
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- - 23mm 1 98mm 1 53mm - Yes - - -