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    Tube Stops & Plugs

    Tube stops and plugs are used within the structural systems technology, providing work environments that are more efficient and ergonomic. Production areas can be tailored to meet requirements using basic mechanical elements such as aluminium strut profiles, door fittings and connection joints.

    What does a Tube Stop do?

    Flow racks and frames made from aluminium strut profiles can be easily assembled and have excellent versatility. The tube stops and plugs are connected to these strut profiles and help to improve safety by fixing cables into position. They also prevent dirt from settling in any areas and give an overall softer finish.

    Why do I need Tube Stops?

    The aluminium modular profile system offers amazing versatility which can be used in a wide range of applications. As these structures can be used in clean rooms and hospitals, the tube stops are required for hygienic purposes. They aid in the prevention of dust build-up and are easily washable so easier to keep clean. In environments where components are easily damaged by static discharge, ESD capable tube stops ensure that these sensitive components remain safe.

    Types of Tube Stops and Plugs

    Tube stops come in various shapes and sizes depending on the profile and are easy to install with no tools required. Some tube stops are also available made from a conductive material which enables them to be used in ESD (electrostatic discharge) areas.

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