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    Pre-Cut Shims

    A pre-cut shim is a thin, tapered component used for filling openings or small gaps between objects and surfaces.

    Pre-cut shims are also applied as spacer tools with supporting, adjusting and levelling attributes. They can be made of metal, steel, wood, stone, or plastic.

    What are pre-cut shims used for?

    Pre-cut shims are applied in a number of industries. In the automotive industry, they are inserted under bucket tappets as a way to increase or decrease clearance spaces between two parts. Precision metal shims are used for welding fixtures in manufacturing and production assembly.

    In the timber industry, pre-cut shims or wedges are inserted between larger timbers for alignment improvement. Pre-cut shims are also used on printed circuit boards to protect the CPU (central processing unit) from heat. Pre-cut shims are also effective in securing shaft alignment in rotating machinery, such as in steel mills, refineries, chemical plants and paper mills.

    Types of pre-cut shims

    Pre-cut shims can differ in shape, size, materials and level of thickness. They are categorised by bolt size, slot size and shim dimensions for ease of reference.

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