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    Conveyor Turntables

    Conveyor turntables are modular parts of conveyor systems and are used across a wide range of applications in manufacturing and agriculture, as well as in distribution centres. They can be used where a directional change is required on a production line and are designed to support operatives as they work and increase efficiency.

    What are conveyor turntables used for?

    The range of conveyor turntables available includes manual conveyor turntables, gravity conveyor turntables and powered conveyor turntables. They can be used for a change in orientation and are typically found in environments such as pallet systems with a square turn rather than a roller curve. They improve ergonomic efficiency by delivering products to an operator, and can also be used in tandem with hydraulic scissor lifts to alleviate the need for bending.

    Features of conveyor turntables

    Conveyor turntables have a robust construction that doesn't weaken under load. They can handle extremely heavyweights and their gear-driven rotation eliminates issues of slack. With a low-profile design, conveyor turntables are crucial elements in complex conveyor systems that require powered changes in direction.

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