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    Floor Standing Enclosures

    Floor standing enclosures are a large, freestanding type of storage used to house and protect equipment, usually electronics.The range of floor-standing enclosures include single door or double door enclosures, depending on your requirements of access. They consist of a large unit, usually made of metal, that can house several racks of electrical equipment and other instruments. Floor standing enclosures are used in a variety of industries from electrical to automation offering protection against dust, liquids that could damage the contents.

    How do floor standing enclosures work?

    Floor standing enclosures fit the equipment snugly, so it takes a minimal amount of additional space up. They are often fitted with locking systems to ensure that the doors don't accidentally opened. They also often have the capacity for enclosure accessories such as handles, fans, and mounting panels. Most of the floor-standing enclosures include an IP Rating for protection against dust and liquids. IP55 being the most common that enables the content of the enclosure to stay in full working order from harmful dust or jets of liquid.

    Types of floor standing enclosures

    The main way in which floor standing enclosures differ is in their size, which depends on the dimensions of the equipment they need to house. They are also made of different materials, which affect their strength and whether the equipment can be seen from the outside. They can have either one or two doors.

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