Screw Terminal D-sub Connectors

Screw terminal D-sub connectors are a type of electrical connectorwhere the wire or cable is held and joined to the connector by the tightening of a screw.

They're most commonly used in building wiring for the distribution of electricity, for example connecting electrical switches to the mains, or to connect major appliances such as ovens.

How do screw terminal D-sub connectors work?

To use your screw terminal D-sub connector, you first need to strip the end of your wire of insulation and then insert it under the head of the screw or into the terminal. Depending on the design, a flat-blade or cross-blade screwdriverhex key or other tool may be required to tighten the connection for reliability and resilience.

Features and benefits of screw terminal D-sub connectors

Screw terminal D-sub connectors have a D-shaped shell that's commonly made from hard and durable metal for long-lasting use. They also have several pins for the electrical connection on one side and a cable entry with a screw connection for inserting and securing your cable on the other side.

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