Crimp Closed End Connectors

A crimp closed end connector is a type of solderless electrical connection used to terminate and seal stranded wire.

In general, crimping is a method in which metal is bent around a joint and squeezed together, which then forms a connection. Because crimping is a cold-working technique needing only a simple handheld crimp tool, strong bonds are made between the metallic parts (typically wire) and other non-metallic components without the usual need for solder.

What are crimp closed end connectors used for?

Crimp closed end connectors are used to terminate wires as well as seal them from oxygen and moisture, which would otherwise cause corrosion. Terminators in electronic transmission lines prevent reflections that would occur at unterminated transmission lines, which can lead to distortions like video ghosting in analogue signal systems.

Types of crimp closed end connectors

Crimp closed end connectors come in a wide range of fixed sizes for wires of different diameters. There also are adjustable ones that provide more flexibility.

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- 16 → 10 AWG - 22.8mm 11.4mm - Insulated - Nylon Shrouded Copper Tin - Natural
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- 22 → 12 AWG - 19.3mm 9.1mm - Insulated - Nylon Shrouded Copper Tin - Natural