Terminal Strips

Terminal strips sometimes called Choc block or terminal block are lengths of insulated plastic with an internal current-carrying strip. This strip can be made from copper or aluminium. Terminal strips typically have screw terminals to enable the connection of several wires or cables at any one time. Our range of high-quality terminal strips is used in various industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

How do you wire a terminal strip?

Once you have stripped your wire to expose the conductors a suitably sized ferrule should be crimped to the end of the wire. The ferrule can then be inserted into the screw terminal entry point, the screw is tightened and provides a tight and secure connection point.

What are terminal strips made form?

Terminal strips are typically made from tough plastics like Polyamide or Polypropylene. These materials possess excellent electrical, chemical and mechanical properties.

What are Terminal strips used for?

Terminal strips are generally used in electrical wiring applications. They can be used in lighting, LED Drivers, LEDs and domestic wiring. Terminal strips are also used inside junction boxes.

Our terminal strips are available in various types, current ratings, voltage ratings, cable sizes (AWG or mm2) and the number of ways. Browse the range today

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