Industrial Power Connector Adapters

Industrial power connector adapters are a range of devices including inlets and socket outlets, EX plugs and surface mounting socket outlets. These adapters are designed to modify power connectors, making them conform to country specific connections like those found in New Zealand or Germany.

What are industrial power connector adapters made of?

Industrial power connector adapters are manufactured with robust nickel-plated brass pins. This guarantees long-lasting efficiency of the electrical contact. Connector adapters are typically made from plastic and thermoplastic materials. Industrial power connector adapters have different voltage and current ratings to choose from.

How do industrial power connector adapters work?

Industrial power connector adapters have a range of technical characteristics to suit a variety of applications. They have a safe-in auxiliary contact for plug-inserted control, a snap-on system to open and close plugs and connectors, plus an external cable stay with tulip clamping. They're easily installed and fixed with features including screw terminals, insulation perforating terminals, spring terminals and mantle terminals.

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Omschrijving Prijs Type Adapter Type Colour Current Rating Voltage Rating IP Rating Input Plug Format Series Output Socket Format
RS-stocknr. 749-1942
Fabrikantnummer2CMA168124R1000 - 416T6
149,71 €
Aantal stuks
IEC 60309-1 Adapter, IEC 60309-2 Adapter 3PN+E Plug to 3x3PN+E Socket Red 16A 415 V IP44 3PN+E Easy & Safe 3 x 3PN+E
RS-stocknr. 830-5568
Fabrikantnummer2CMA168121R1000 - 216T6
119,97 €
Aantal stuks
Adapter 2P+E Plug to 3x2P+E Socket Blue 16A 200 → 250 V IP44 2P+E - 3 x 2P+E
RS-stocknr. 830-5577
Fabrikantnummer2CMA168122R1000 - 316T6
169,36 €
Aantal stuks
Adapter 3P+E Plug to 3x3P+E Socket Red 16A 380 → 415 V IP44 3P+E - 3 x 3P+E