Strain Relief Clips

Strain relief clips are a cost-effective way of tidying up your cables and connectors and protecting them from strain, for example, from any movement against the cable's housing. They help extend cable life.

Strain relief clip application examples

Strain relief clips can be used in a variety of commercial or industrial settings. They are found in the home, for instance, on the power cable on a clothes dryer.

When a power cable is connected to terminals inside the appliance, the point where the cable penetrates the shell needs to have a strain relief clip or clamp as a securing device. It attaches to the opening and snugs down around the cable to:

  • Keep the wire connections of the cable inside the appliance from coming loose.
  • Prevent the cable sheathing from any back-and-forth movement.

Types of strain relief clips

Choose from different types of strain relief clips and clamps, depending on the size of your cable or connector. Look out for designs with an adjustable clamp that prevents the flexing of wires.

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