Mobile Printers

Portable printers, also known as mobile printers, are wireless compact printers which easily fit inside a bag, so you can take them wherever you go. These easy-to-use, portable printers are ideal for on-the-go professionals who need instant results. Compact, lightweight and streamlined, these battery-powered printers use either wireless, USB hardwire or SD Card technology to make sure you can operate on the move.

Whether a delivery driver or domestic call out workers needing to print bills or receipts or for applications in law enforcement and medical response, these portable mobile printers provide reliable and high-speed printing.

How Do They Work?

Portable or Modular printers typically use a receipt style paper roll for printing out customer relevant information in the field, although they can also print labels and stickers as needed. Due to their mobile nature, they usually have built-in Li-ion batteries that are able to be recharged. They are ideally connected via Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth, but will often come equipped with hardwire connection capability such as USB ports, or even able to print from SD Card. Portable printers work with a changeable inkjets

Uses for portable printers

• Ticketing
• Recording information
• In-vehicle receipting
• Money transactions
• Test & measurement
• Medical
• Hospitality
• Emergency services
• Field sales

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Omschrijving Prijs Model Resolution Number of Columns Per Line Printer Type Print Speed Connection Port Wireless Dimensions Weight Depth Width Height
RS-stocknr. 524-496
FabrikantAble Systems
256,79 €
Aantal stuks
- 384dpi 42 - 50mm/s RS232 - 95 x 128 x 65mm 446g 128mm 95mm 65mm
RS-stocknr. 480-4171
FabrikantAble Systems
277,10 €
1 Kit(s)
Aantal stuks
- 384dpi 42 Thermal 50mm/s RS232 Yes 92 x 108 x 37mm 330g 108mm 92mm 37mm
RS-stocknr. 524-474
FabrikantAble Systems
284,38 €
Aantal stuks
- 8dpmm 42 - 50mm/s RS232 - 95 x 128 x 65mm 340g 128mm 95mm 65mm
RS-stocknr. 524-468
FabrikantAble Systems
228,58 €
Aantal stuks
- 8dpmm 42 - 50mm/s RS232 - 95 x 128 x 65mm 446g 128mm 95mm 65mm
RS-stocknr. 524-480
FabrikantAble Systems
135,25 €
Aantal stuks
- 8dpmm - Thermal 50mm/s - - 77.4 x 76.8 x 43.5mm 80g 76.8mm 77.4mm 43.5mm
RS-stocknr. 144-9283
632,81 €
Aantal stuks
PocketJet PJ-773 300 x 300dpi - Thermal 8ppm USB, WiFi, 802.11b/g/n, 802.11g/n Yes 255 x 55 x 30mm 480 (Excluding Battery & Paper) g, 610 (Including Battery & Excluding Paper) g 55mm 255mm 30mm
RS-stocknr. 524-470
FabrikantAble Systems
317,38 €
Aantal stuks
- 384dpi 42 Thermal 50mm/s RS232 Yes 95 x 128 x 65mm 446g 128mm 95mm 65mm