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    Mouse Pads & Wrist Rests

    Correct posture while sitting at a desk is important to help prevent long term physical conditions. Holding your hands at a certain level while typing and using a mouse for prolonged periods of time can lead to conditions like repetitive strain injury. Wrist rests can mitigate the risk of this, as well as reducing fatigue and discomfort.

    The RS range of wrist rests are made from comfortable, durable materials, such as gel and memory foam, so that you can rest your arm without limiting your mobility. They are typically fitted with a non-slip base, so you can maintain the traction you need to work at your usual pace.

    Wrist rests can offer a comfortable and cost effective addition to your workplace health and safety requirements.

    Wrist Rest and Mouse Pads

    Specially shaped mouse pads with inbuilt wrist rests ensures your mouse has the traction it needs without sacrificing the comfort of a wrist rest.

    Wrist Rests for Keyboard

    These wrist rests ensure you maintain an ergonomic position over your keyboard, helping to keep you comfortable without interfering with your typing.

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