I/O Modules

I O modules are devices that connect an information processing unit, such as a computer to the outside world, e.g. a human or another information processing unit.

How do I O modules work?

Peripheral devices and the central processing unit (CPU) cannot communicate because they have differences in signal transfer rates and manner of operation. I.O modules convert signal values to resolve the differences in the manner of operation between peripherals and the CPU. I O modules also work by synchronising the differences in data transfer rates between the CPU and peripherals.

I O modules also control the differences in operating modes of peripherals so as not to disturb the operation of other devices connected to the CPU. Unlike Keyboards & Mice, which are input devices, I O modules perform both input and output functions.

What are I O modules used for?

I O modules can be integrated in all kinds of equipment such as smart home hubs and consumer electronic gear.

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RS-stocknr. 713-8913
FabrikantVIA Technologies
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Parallel, RS232, RS422, RS485 EM-IO - 268mm +60°C 0°C 120mm
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1394 Mini PCI 3.3 V, 5 V 59.75mm - - 44.6mm