Memory Card Readers

Memory Card Readers are small, portable devices allowing a data transfer from memory cards to computers or mobile devices. Card-readers are compatible with many types of memory cards e.g:

• SD Card and MicroSD
• SDHC and MicroSDHC
• SDXC and MicroSDXC
• CF CompactFlash
• MMC Multimedia Card

Some computers or mobile devices have a built-in card reader but for those that do not feature such a function, a reader is an only option of communication between card and device. Small readers featuring a single card slot are commonly known as card adapters or USB Card Readers. One end of the adapter is a USB male connector that can be directly plugged into a USB port while the other end is used as a slot for compatible SD, SDHC, SDHX or MicroSD, MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC cards. For easier integration with a range of readers, all micro cards are usually provided with a simple in use, SD card-size adapters.

How fast are the card readers?

Card readers speed depends on the card speed that is inserted into a slot and devices' USB port class. Readers are just a bridge between devices and do not have any restrictions in terms of data transfer.

Does a reader installation a difficult process?

No, the installation process is very simple. Most of the readers are designed to be used as plug-and-play devices. No drivers are required for proper operation. After the plugging the reader into the USB port all you need to do is to follow on-screen setup instruction or just wait for a second and insert your card. Cards are shown in the systems as external drives, in the same way as memory sticks or flash drives.

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