Test Lead Wire

Test lead wire is a collection of strand wires, ideal for test leads, assemblies, patch cords and test fixtures. It's available in a range of insulator options, lengths and colours to suit all testing needs. It's used in research laboratories and in training workshops, as well as for electronic testing.

What is test lead wire made from?

Made up of a bundle of fine strands of conductive copper, test lead wire is covered with either a PVC or silicone sheath jacket that acts as an insulator. This gives the wire protection as well as the flexibility it needs for any application.

Choosing the right test lead wire

The two most important factors to consider then choosing your test lead wire are the type of wire insulation and the wire stranding. A range of insulation choices is available and includes silicone, PVC and silicone rubber. A silicone insulation gives more flexibility and is suitable for use in high temperature environments. It's also ideal for use with high currents. Test lead wire is supplied in a range of different lengths and gauges, allowing it to be cut or assembled as required. 

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1 Reel of 100 Metre(s)
0.82 mm² Blue PVC 100m 500 V - 18 AWG 2.5mm Copper - Single Core - - -