Temperature Control Software

Temperature control software is designed to help you control and monitor temperature and process controllers, power controllers and recorders directly from your PC. Common features of this type of software include high-performance alarm strategies and advanced diagnostic fault detection.

Where is temperature control software used?

Some industrial processes such as heat treatment require precise temperatures in order to comply with UK regulations. It's also imperative that the temperature of your machines is kept within specific limits both for your safety and to prevent the machine from damage. This is when a process controller, power controller or recorder is used; it adjusts the power and in turn, the temperature.

Types of temperature control software

Choose from a range of temperature control software, depending on your type and make of device, including:

  • Temperature transducers - these transmitters are designed for industrial applications and are used to measure the temperature or resistance through a resistance sensor
  • Temperature control adaptors - programmable transmitters

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