Electronic Sounders

Electronic sounders are audio signalling devices for use with intruder, fire alarm and industrial signalling systems.

How do electronic sounders work?

An electronic sounder is connected to an alarm circuit, forming an integral part of the system. At the heart of the circuit is a thermistor (temperature sensitive resistor) that will trigger the sounder in case of, say, a fire or smoke.

Electronic sounders will usually be mounted on a wall within open areas or passages and corridors. They are manufactured from tough housing material such as plastic, polycarbonate and stainless steel to provide high levels of durability and resistance to environmental conditions.

Most electronic sounders can be set to different frequencies and tones and are compatible with majority of emergency and fire signalling tones used throughout the world. A volume control inside the unit, when fitted, enables you to select the maximum sound output to suit the installed environment.

What are electronic sounders used for?

Electronic sounders are designed to meet a broad range of alarm applications where distinctive warnings must be given for emergencies such as fires.

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Omschrijving Prijs Supply Voltage IP Rating Decibels at 1 Metre Current Type Number Of Tones Housing Colour Mounting Style Diameter Application Type Minimum Decibel Maximum Decibel Series Base Length Base Width
RS-stocknr. 507-2139
Fabrikantnummer0 413 49
147,07 €
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230 V ac IP40 95dB AC - Grey Surface Mount 100 mm - - - - - -
RS-stocknr. 507-2151
Fabrikantnummer0 414 19
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230 V ac IP44 90dB AC - Grey Surface Mount 150 mm - - - - - -
RS-stocknr. 507-2167
Fabrikantnummer0 415 46
586,50 €
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230 V ac IP31 50 → 90dB AC - - - - - 50dB 90dB - - -