Light Detection and Ranging

Light detection and ranging are essential in a variety of motion control applications. From detection in factory automation and commercial uses such as automated doors, light detection and ranging devices serve many purposes. Essentially, they work by emitting a light pulse laser into a receptor, which are able to detect interruptions in that light. This can be achieved in a single sensor or larger light curtains. In the case of a light curtain, this has excellent safety applications, as machinery or automated processes can be programmed to stop in when a light beam is broken. The technology has security and access protection applications for the same reason.

The RS Components range of light detection and ranging sensors has excellent solutions for safety and machine guarding applications, such as light beams or laser scanning systems. They can be used in the following scenarios.

  • Monitoring hazardous areas and access protection
  • Warehouse scenarios where moving vehicles like forklifts are present to further optimise employee safety
  • Industrial settings including factories and automated production lines
  • Anywhere hazardous and you want to control the flow of traffic with strict safety guidelines

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Omschrijving Prijs Range Series Component Type Maximum Scanning Distance Minimum Scanning Distance Safety Type SIL IEC 61508 PL EN ISO 13849-1 Number of Beams Peak Wavelength Maximum Response Time Terminal Type Dimensions Product Length
RS-stocknr. 127-8304
996,59 €
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Preventa XUSL2E Receiver, Transmitter 4 m, 12 m 0m 2 1 C 3 950nm 3.5 ms 5-Pin M12 Male Connector (Transmitter), 8-Pin M12 Male Connector (Receiver) 31 x 29.4 x 953 mm -
RS-stocknr. 127-8318
1.282,90 €
1 Pair of 1
Preventa XUSL4E Receiver, Transmitter 4 m, 12 m 0m 4 3 E 3 950nm 3 ms 5-Pin M12 Male Connector (Transmitter), 8-Pin M12 Male Connector (Receiver) 31 x 29.4 x 953 mm -