Encoder Measuring Wheels

Encoder measuring wheels are an efficient and reliable way to enable rotary encoders to measure length and linear distance. They have high levels of flexibility and are easily positioned to provide precise measurements.

How do encoder measuring wheels work?

Encoder measuring wheels use a wheel to track linear movements. They convert this data into speed or position values. An integrated spring allows a slip-free measurement by applying pressure on the surface. This accuracy makes them well suited to a variety of surfaces and applications such as conveyor belts and transport rollers.

Choosing the right encoder measuring wheels

When choosing the right encoder measuring wheels there are two important considerations that will effect the accuracy during measurement. These are the circumference and width of the measuring wheel and the material of the wheel that determines the traction. The smaller the measuring wheel, the more force required at the wheel circumference. The size of encoder measuring wheels you choose depends on the size of your encoder and the space you have available.

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Omschrijving Prijs Material Surface Pattern Accessory Type Application Bore Size Wheel Circumference
RS-stocknr. 905-5368
FabrikantRed Lion
45,86 €
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Polyurethane Smooth Encoder Wheel Rotary Encoding 9.6mm 30.5cm
RS-stocknr. 905-5361
FabrikantRed Lion
29,48 €
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Neoprene Round Encoder Wheel Rotary Encoding 9.6mm 30.5cm