Rotary Encoders

Rotary Encoders are devices that convert a motion into an analogue or digital signal. These devices are electro-mechanical sensors that monitor the position of the shaft or axle and convert it into the signal readable for digital devices. Rotary Encoders are also known as shaft encoders.
Rotary Encoders can be divided into 2 main types:
· Absolute – Digital Absolute encoders produce a unique digital code for each angle of shaft. These type of encoders maintains position information when a system power is off. The position of encoder is available again on applying power. The relationship between the encoder value and the physical position of the controlled machinery is set at assembly, the system does not need to return to a calibration point to maintain position accuracy.
Types of absolute encoders:
o Mechanical
o Optical
o Magnetic
o Capacitive
· Incremental – These encoders accurately records the changes in position of the shaft but does not power up with fixed relation between encoder state and physical position. The point where the counting begins depends on the external device counting system and not the position of the encoder. To provide useful position information, the encoder position must be referenced to the device to which is attached.
Rotary Encoders are commonly used in many applications that require precise shaft unlimited rotation. It means they can be used across industries such as robotics industry, electronic industry, and machinery production but are also very popular parts of many household devices.

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Omschrijving Prijs Pulses Per Revolution Encoder Technology Maximum Revolutions Output Signal Type Shaft Type Shaft Diameter Supply Voltage Resolution Steps Per Revolution IP Rating Interface Overall Height Overall Width Overall Depth
RS-stocknr. 150-530
213,44 €
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360 Optical 6000rpm HTL/Push Pull Hollow shaft 12mm 4.75 → 30 V dc - - IP54 - - 58 -
RS-stocknr. 860-2749
257,98 €
Aantal stuks
360 Incremental 12000rpm Push Pull Solid 6mm 10 → 30 V dc - - IP65 - 71.4mm 50.8mm 64mm
RS-stocknr. 136-7773
FabrikantAllen Bradley
1.140,00 €
Aantal stuks
262144 Absolute 6000rpm Analogue, Binary Hollow 1/2in 10 → 30 V 18 Bit 262144 IP65, IP67 Ethernet - 63 71.5mm
RS-stocknr. 181-1062
193,68 €
Aantal stuks
100 Incremental - Push Pull Hollow 6mm 8 → 30 V dc - - IP50, IP64, IP65 - 30.5mm 24 -
RS-stocknr. 188-3522
480,00 €
Aantal stuks
- Optical 6000rpm - Solid shaft 10mm 10 → 30 V dc MT16 bit, ST 13 bit - IP65 Ethernet/IP - 58 -
RS-stocknr. 441-6134
213,92 €
Aantal stuks
1024 Incremental 6000rpm Push Pull Hollow 8mm 5 → 30 V dc - - IP65 - 44.5mm - -
RS-stocknr. 701-4277
FabrikantTE Connectivity
4,82 €
Aantal stuks
24 Incremental 60rpm Quadrature Solid 6mm 5 V dc - - - - 27.4mm 13.2mm 12.4mm
RS-stocknr. 822-6402
FabrikantnummerE6F-AG5C-C 256 2M
758,50 €
Aantal stuks
256 Absolute 5000rpm NPN Open Collector Solid 10mm 12 → 24 V dc 10 Bit - IP65 SSI-Gray 85mm 60 -
RS-stocknr. 691-7705
26,97 €
Aantal stuks
64 Optical 120rpm Quadrature Flatted 1/4in 5 V dc 2 bit - IP54 - 14.76mm 14.25mm 32.05mm
RS-stocknr. 2508935768
FabrikantnummerSE 060
239,36 €
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