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    Energy Meters

    What are Energy Meters

    Energy meters, also known as Electrical Meters or Energy Monitors, are devices used to measure and monitor energy use. They give highly accurate and reliable readings resulting in quality measurement and data. There are various types of energy meter which record information, such as power, frequency, voltage, current and wattage.

    Energy meters are usually panel mounted or DIN rail mounted, or some plug directly into a mains socket. DIN rail mounted energy meters are suitable for equipment rack mounting. Energy meters are a type of electrical measuring device which shows how much energy is being used. Energy consumption is an important factor for both environmental and cost reduction purposes. Integrating an energy meter into a power management system is ideal for monitoring energy efficiency.

    LCD displays and analogue dials are commonly found on the front of electrical meters and are used to display meter readings. These displays may also feature buttons to navigate the meter and control aspects such as back lighting and language options.RS have a great range and types of energy meters that measure different parameters, dependant on the application measurement they are used for.

    Types of Electrical Meters

    Where are Energy Monitors used?

    • UPS power supplies
    • Laboratory equipment
    • Circuit breaker monitoring
    • Network management
    • Power Plants
    • Homes and Businesses

    Most application usually use Energy Meters to monitor and display how much energy you have consumed on behalf of the energy supplier

    What are energy meters used for?

    Electrical Meters are an electrical measuring device that are widely used to record electrical energy consumed over a period of time in terms of units. They can be found in number of places such as houses, factories, offices and shops in order to register power consumption.

    Smart meters are becoming very popular due to the national government programme to replace older energy meters. These smart meters feature an in-home display which shows your energy use in real-time, pounds and pence. Benefits of smart meters mean an end to estimated bills and some smart tariffs could be cheaper.

    Browse the broad range of Energy Meters RS has to offer and order today for next day delivery.

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