Solenoid Interlock Switches

Solenoid interlock switches allow guards or gates to be securely locked while dangerous processes are in operation. They require an internal solenoid to be energised before the guard can be opened and remain locked until all equipment has ceased moving.

What are solenoid interlock switches used for?

Solenoid interlock switches are widely used in machinery where an interruption could cause damage. This kind of switch mechanism is crucial when operating machinery where the hazard continues even after power supply to a device is stopped, for example when using circular saw blades. Solenoid interlock switches are also used where there is regular entry to dangerous areas, such as high temperature or pressurised sites.

How do solenoid interlock switches work?

Solenoid interlock switches are operated by magnetic force and respond when a guard opens. A machine can't start until the switch's guard is closed and locked, and it will hold the guard closed until dangerous processes are complete. Interlock switches use positive opening safety contacts for high reliability and can only be operated with one of the keys provided.

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- - - - Power to Unlock No Various Options - - 60mm 30mm 30mm 24 V dc -
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- - - - Power to Lock No Various Options - - 65mm 30mm 30mm 24 V dc -