Self Amalgamating Tapes

Self amalgamating tapes are a non-tacky, silicon rubber tape that will bond or fuse to itself when stretched. These tapes offer seamless bonding and can be waterproof and electrically insulating. These tapes do not contain any glue or adhesive ingredients.Amalgamating means combined so self amalgamating means these tapes will combine themselves to provide a strong, seamless, rubbery, waterproof electrical insulation layer around cables and cable joints. The bonding occurs when the tape is wrapped around wires, devices or cables through a process called self-fusing. Due to the absence of gum, self amalgamating tapes are easy to clean or remove from product material.

What are Self Amalgamating tapes used for?

The tape has thermal conductivity features if made with iron oxide, which is used for wrapping and sealing wires and cables. The product is non-flammable and is often applied in the aviation and aerospace industries.Self amalgamating tape can also be used to repair holes and leaks in hoses and pipes. It is often applied to moisture sealing joints for insulation purposes or used to seal splices and connections in electrical cables with high voltages.

Types of Self Amalgamating tape

Various forms of self amalgamating tape exist in various colours, most commonly black, and various mm widths. These can be made from ethylene propylene rubber (EPR), silicone or polyisobutylene (PIB).

How long does Self Amalgamating tape last?

Storing the tape at room temperature and away from direct light or heat will ensure good shelf life. As the tape does not have any glue it has been known to last for decades.

What are the advantages of Self Amalgamating Tape?

The specialist tape has many advantages, they include:Good high and low-temperature performanceExtremely flexibleOzone resistantWater-resistantUV resistantExcellent conformability to awkward shapes

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