Double Sided Adhesive Squares

Double sided adhesive squares are made of foam and are laminated with adhesive on both sides. The adhesive is made of acrylic and the foam of urethane components. Both sides have polyester or silicone linings which peel off from the adhesive coating.

What are double sided adhesive squares used for?

Double sided adhesive squares are mostly used in the arts and crafts, interior decorating and signage industries. They can mount lightweight objects like posters, cards and drawings to most types of dry surfaces. They can be used outdoors due to their UV resistant and water resistant attributes.

The squares have strong bonding properties and can affix to metal, paint, glass, ceramics and tiles permanently. Despite this, they are easy to remove from surfaces and leave no oily residue behind.

Types of double sided adhesive squares

Double sided adhesive squares come in various sizes and lengths and can be cut into a specific shape if needed. The squares are produced in a wide range of colours with different levels of thickness to suit any mounting requirement.

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FabrikantnummerVST 4100CP/1/30x30DC/12
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