Pipe & Thread Sealants

Pipe and thread sealants can also be known as pipe dope. They are used to fill spaces between threaded metal parts. The sealant hardens to prevent and stop leakages.
Features and Benefits of using a pipe and thread sealant
• Single component means quick and easy to apply
• No mixing required
• Prevents and stops leakages
• Gives corrosion protection for the thread
• Use on any size pipe fitting and seal
• Fills space threaded metal parts
• Gives a better seal than pipe sealing tape
How to use pipe and thread sealant
Pipe and thread sealant is applied onto the inside of connection fittings and onto the threaded end of pipes before attaching the two pieces together.

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Pipe Sealing Yellow Medium to High -50°C 150°C 50 ml - Rite-Lock Dimethacrylate Bottle Yes 24 h - -50 → +150 °C