A hoist is a device used to transport goods from one point to another. Typically heavy loads will be moved with a hoist depending on the lifting load the specific device can hold. Hoists provide a safe system for handling and transferring goods with little or no mobility.

Manual vs. Motor

Hoists are either manual or can be operated by a motor.

  • A manual hoist will offer greater control over speeds, ascents/descents but is limited to how much the operator can hold and human error.
  • Motor operated hoists are great for automating a job and speeding up the process and can often hold a greater amount. Things to check with motor operated hoists are the speed as they come in varying sizes and you may require more or less depending on the work.

Lifting height determines how high the hoist can lift an item above the ground. The height required will depend on the application. Lifting load refers to the “weight” that the hoist is able to carry. You will need to ensure the hoist you choose can meet your weight requirements.

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