Plastic Rods, Sheets & Tubes

Plastic rods, sheets and tubes are incredibly versatile engineering materials, and are very widely used across an extensive list of industries and workplace applications.

What are the most popular products in our plastics range?

  • Solid plastic sheets - ranging from clear polycarbonate and acrylic sheeting (also known as plastic roofing sheets) for lightweight and impact resistant installations in any number of home or professional settings, through to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in both rigid and flexible forms. We also stock PMMA (Perspex) and plastic sheeting roll, widely used on construction jobs for covering windows, doors and flooring and creating a vapour-retardant barrier for sealing off rooms.
  • Perforated plastic sheets - available with a variety of hole diameters and patterns. These are very often used in industrial settings as part of a strainer or drainage system - they provide most of the functionality of perforated metal sheets in these roles, but are considerably lighter and easier to install, as well as being more resistant to corrosion.
  • Plastic rods - sold in an wide variety of plastic types, lengths, diameters and colours. Plastic rods are handy for a great many professional, domestic and hobbyist applications, ranging from industrial machining to aesthetic design. The broad selection of materials and thicknesses on offer means you'll be able to find a product that precisely matches any specific job requirements in terms of appearance, tensile strength, impact/cross breaking strength, flammability, and melting point.
  • Round and square plastic tubing - offered in a choice of diameters, densities, hardness and tensile strength ratings, lamination materials, and maximum operating temperatures.

What are the key characteristics of plastic rods and sheeting?

Key characteristics of plastic sheeting as compared to other materials include:
  • Very high strength to weight ratio
  • Easy to cut to precise dimensions with a plastic-scoring blade or hand saw
  • Strong resistance to many environmental factors and hazards, particularly around moisture

You'll need to consider factors such as UV exposure and temperature extremes when choosing and installing plastic rods, sheets or tubes in exposed/outdoor areas.

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